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Chemical Plant

Partners & Clients 

At CMF Energy Supply, we take pride in our ability to work closely with partners and clients to create custom solutions that meet their specific needs. Take a closer look at some of our partners and their services. 

San Giorgio Seigen 

Manufacturer of medium and large-sized equipment and components for the power generation, shipbuilding, steel and petrochemical industries.

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Specializes in: 

  • Static Equipments 

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Reboilers 

  • Pressure Vessels 

  • Columns 

  • Reactors 

  • Surface Condensers 



TermoTecnica Industriale

Manufacturer of custom solutions for industrial implants 

Specializes in: 

  • Fired Boilers

  •  Heat Recovery Steam Generators 

  • Combined Heat & Power Plants 

  • Gas Fired Thermal Stations 

  • Waste Energy Boilers 

  • Biomass Boilers 

  • Green field

  • Mantainance & Services 



IMA Freni

Small manufacturer of customized breaking systems applicable to all sectors. 

Specializes in: 

  • Friction Materials 

  • Break Discs Rings 

  • Gear Break Discs 

  • Brake Clutches 

  • Industrial Brake Systems 

  • Flare Gas Recovery Systems 

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Specializes in: 

  • Gas Compressors 

    • Vap​our recovery units 

    • Booster for gas extraction

    • Injection

    • Refinery, petrochemical and industrial 

  • Air Compressors 

  • Skid Compressors 

  • Field Assistance & Services 


Compagnia Tecnica

Specializes in water treatment solutions and engineering for industrial process and waste water. 

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Specializes in: 

  • Technical Supply & Packaging 

  • Water Treatment Plants 

  • Injection Skids 

  • Special Equipment for Water Treatment in 

    • Oil & gas

    • Chemical and steel

    • Semiconductor and solar 

    • Pulp and paper

    • Food & beverage 

    • Power generation 

    • Farmaceutical 

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