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We supply the design, manufacturing, and delivery of high-quality products and components related to pressure vessels.

Pressure vessels can be used in industrial facilities like power plants, petrochemical complexes, or steel mill industries.

We can provide your industry with heat exchangers, filters, surface condensers, heaters, and coolers, among other products, made in materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel, aluminum-bronze, or cupronickel. 

The equipment we are proud to offer is entirely produced following the EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 3834-2, EN 15085-2, ASME U, and U2 STAMP qualification procedures.

Pressure vessels - CMF Group


Pressure vessels - CMF Energy Supply, Inc.


Heat exchangers find several industrial applications, both for cooling and heating large scale industrial processes. 

Many industrial processes generate waste heat, which is eventually exhausted.

Heat exchangers can be used to recover waste heat, putting it into use by heating different streams and improving the overall efficiency of the process.

This type of equipment is used in oil and gas applications, oil refinement, power generation, melting shops, waste water treatment facilities, petrochemical, among other uses.


-Boilers. They are pressure vessels where water and other fluids are heated. They can be used in central heating, water heating, sanitation, boiler-based power generation, among other uses.


Pressure vessels - CMF Energy Supply, Inc.


Surface condenser are water-cooled shell and tube heat exchangers installed on the exhaust line of steam turbines. In termal power stations, waste treatment facilities, biomass power plants and cogenerators.

Pressure vessels - CMF Energy Supply, Inc.


-Feedwater heaters: they are part elements of a power plant used to preheat water delivered to a steam generating boiler.


-District heaters: are used for recovering heat from plants to provide heating for local homes and businesses.


-Fuel oil heaters.


Pressure vessels - CMF Energy Supply, Inc.

We are able to provide industrial coolers according to specific customer requirements, which meet our certifications and ensure the lowest cost for equipment use.


-Closed circuit coolers are used for cooling demi water. Closed circuit coolers are widely used in refining facilities, power plants, petrochemicals.

-Oil coolers.

-Blow down tank coolers.

-Condensate tank coolers.

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