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CMF Energy Supply, Incorporated was established in 2014 in Houston, Texas.  The idea was to create a commercial and operative center that could represent prominent Italian firms in the United States. In this way, we could directly attend to the North American and South American markets, and diminish the difficulties that some manufacturers have in reaching their customers.





As we are authorized agents of the worldwide recognized Italian metallurgic industry San Giorgio Seigen SpA, we are dedicated distributors for North American, Central American, and South American markets.


This important alliance with San Giorgio Seigen SpA contributes to offering our customers in the Americas the development of promotional opportunities to facilitate sales, as well as to develop and maintain stronger customer relationships as we are closer to your needs.



CMF Energy Supply, Inc.
CMF Energy Supply, Inc.
San Giorgio Seigen SpA

San Giorgio Seigen SpA is an Italian joint-stock company which operates in the medium-large industrial sector. 

Its core business consists in manufacturing medium and large-sized equipment and components for the power generation, shipbuilding, steel and petrochemical industries, since 1949. Therefore, this firm is backed by decades of experience supplying pressure vessels equipment of high quality materials and strict Quality Control Circle process.


Why Choose CFM Energy Supply, Inc.?

We are in the capacity to offer our customers not only a direct contact with manufacturers, but also a more integrated range of solutions and responses to their industrial purposes, assuring that the requirements of the equipment we sell fulfill international standards and can be adapted to singularities if required.

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